I’m a Sitecore Solutions Engineer and a Sitecore Cheerleader.  I started as a .NET developer for an agency in Portland, OR.  Over 5 years I did CMS implementations in different CMS packages.  It was Sitecore that I loved and became passionate about.  I would still rather do a Sitecore implementation than any other CMS I’ve worked with.

After leaving the NW, I went back to the sunshine in AZ.  With the healing rays of the sun, I finally found my way into the technical services department at Sitecore USA doing installs, upgrades, site assessments, custom functionality and overall helping other developers.  Sadly, this didn’t allow me the opportunity to be involved in doing actual implementations of sites or even the code that I was writing and with heavy heart, I left.

I have since returned back to the world I came from.  I am now doing Development and Architecture in any capacity that I’m needed and finally found a way to describe my love and passion for Sitecore.  Oddly enough, I didn’t really know how to properly convey my passion for this field until just recently other than to call myself a Sitecore Cheerleader.  It seems there is an official term for it now.

I am Sitecore Evangelist.

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